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buy used Index MS 32

The Index MS 32 C multi-spindle machine is the basic version of the CNC multi-spindle machines from Index. In the brochure of the Index MS32 C it is written "12 tool carriers, you should not be satisfied with less. It is part of our company philosophy to cover a wide range of workpieces with innovative technology.

Even the basic version, the Index MS32C, follows this principle. It has twelve tool carriers, each of which can be equipped with two tools thanks to CNC control." In contrast to conventional multispindle machines with a rigid arrangement of six longitudinal and cross slides each, this means that with the Index MS 32 C you can always optimally adapt machining to the requirements of your workpieces.

The Index MS32 C can be used for the production of complex parts. People trust the concept of the Index MS32 C and have been very satisfied with this CNC multi-spindle lathe so far.