Fire Protection

Automatic CO2 extinguishing system in industrial plants

Protect your industrial plant from fires with an automatic CO2 extinguishing system. Fire protection from Kraft & Bauer is perfect for your production: fast and with less effort for the repair of automatic lathes and co.

Finding the right fire alarm system with VIB

Wir beraten Sie gerne bei der Aufrüstung des Brandschutzes. Für den Anfang finden Sie hier eine einfache Risikoanalyse.

In a meeting or on site, we discuss your fire risk. Together, we find a solution that is tailored to your needs. Through our cooperation with Kraft & Bauer, we also offer customized extensions: such as air shut-off dampers or dampers for pressure relief.

Perfect for the industry

The object protection is designed for metalworking. This includes machine tools (including CNC), rotary transfer machines, machining centers and more.

All equipment buy directly from us or from Kraft & Bauer. Price on request.

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Kraft und Bauer

More information is also available on the site of Kraft & Bauer.

Not sure what is possible?

VIB will advise you on how to put together an industrial fire protection system. You are also welcome to buy it used through us or new directly from Kraft & Bauer. Price on request.

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