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With us you will find used and new chip conveyors. Inexpensive as a standard variant or tailor-made to your needs. In doing so, we have one goal: to make working with machine tools more efficient.

Chip conveyor - safe, fast & economical

Often a machine can only be utilized at full load if other machines are used to support it. One such machine is the chip conveyor, for example. The performance of today's machines, especially in plant or machine construction, often results in a great deal of chips being produced. These are not only annoying dirt, but can also lead to problems with machines and employees under certain circumstances. The task of the chip conveyor is that it immediately picks up the resulting chips of different sizes and reliably transports them away. At the end, there is a container that collects the material so that it can subsequently be transported away safely and quickly.

In a metalworking company that relies on powerful machines, it is not unusual for a lot of metal chips to accumulate. Even after a short time, these can significantly affect and slow down the work, and if you have to take care of removing the chips manually every time after a work step, this leads to unnecessary time delays. The chip conveyor is the perfect solution to this common problem. It starts exactly where chips are produced. It reliably catches them and transports them to the collection container. This guarantees that the chips do not get caught where they can cause problems and possibly even damage the machines. Of course, the chip conveyor is available in multiple versions, so that it can be perfectly adapted to other machines, such as the Index multispindle, Index single-spindle, Star sliding headstock lathes, Citizen sliding headstock lathes, Traub sliding headstock lathes and short lathes, or short lathes of the brands Okuma, Gildemeister, Doosan Puma. This makes it the logical and necessary addition for a wide range of processes. Depending on the size selected, the conveyor is capable of removing astonishing amounts of chips. It will enable the plant to work more efficiently, faster and safer.

Why our chip conveyor?

The model is a single conveyor. It separates correct metal parts from chips. At the same time, it cleans the chips from cooling lubricant. It does this continuously and reliably. In this way, production runs more effectively. In addition, both the workpieces and the coolant last longer.


Our simple chip conveyor is particularly cost-effective. After just a few months in use, it pays for itself through improvements in quality with more efficient use of your resources.

This is most evident in the fact that you can expect less downtime. Metal chips often block the production of intact parts - no more. So the utilization rate of every machine tool increases, from Index single-spindle machines to Traub or Star lathes to the Doosan Puma.

Your workers will also thank you. Instead of picking the chips out of the machine by hand, the chip conveyor does it. The employee is freed from unproductive work and can thus put more energy into manufacturing.

By the way, the chip conveyor is suitable for all materials, not just metal parts.

Customized solution for your company

In addition to our single conveyor, we also offer more complex alternatives. This allows us to collaborate with our network from the metal industry. Together, we develop equipment that can do more.

For example: a variant that runs automatically on the machine tool. For example, with an oil container whose bottom is cleaned automatically. So you rarely have to worry about cleaning the tank by hand. Furthermore, we install the desired chain, worm or accessories.

Painting in the machine color is also possible.

You can buy the chip conveyors from us used or new according to your need. Price on request.

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