Innovative cleaning box

Less cost in parts cleaning

VIB's cleaning box prevents chips and oil vapors from polluting the air in your production. Less cost for cleaning - healthier environment for employees.

Advantages of the cleaning box

The box blows the finished parts off or out before your workers measure and package them. Air guns can do that, too. However: Then chips, dirt and cooling lubricant end up in the vicinity of the production machine.

Our cleaning box prevents this. Here, all particles remain in the closed system. Contamination collects in the tray, which you can easily dispose of.

You have an extraction system? Protect the health of your employees with the cleaning box as well. Because you can also connect the blow-off room to your exhaust air system (centralized or decentralized). The vapors from the cooling lubricant then do not end up in the ambient air, but are automatically extracted.

How the industrial parts cleaning system works

With the cleaning box, packing is doubly efficient. While the worker at the machine packs the parts, he controls the parts cleaning device with his foot. It's even easier to do it automatically using a light barrier. This means he always has one hand free to measure and pack more quickly.


Our cleaning box comes in three sizes:

The small parts cleaner in the tabletop version is suitable if you have little space available. For example, for mounting directly on the machine, between machines or above the chip conveyor. Also very good for quality assurance. This unit is only available with a light barrier.

The „normal“ blow box is sufficient for most applications in industry. Besides the proximity switch, the worker can also operate it with his foot.

You need the double vleaning box when you brush your parts with a washing medium. With the left foot, you open the pump through which the liquid safely drains. On the right, you control the air flow.

You buy the cleaning box directly through us. Price on request.

We'd be happy to demonstrate the cleaning box at your facility.

Not sure what is possible?

VIB will advise you on the composition of an industrial cleaning box. You are welcome to buy it used or directly new through us. Price on request

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