Oil mist separator

3nine cleans oil and emulsion mist in the metalworking industry.

Innovative technology for oil and emulsion mist separation in the metalworking industry has helped 3nine become a market leader.

Serving the environment

With technology that sets the stage for clean air in its fundamentals, environmental awareness becomes a natural part of any activity at 3nine.
More than 350,000 liters of oil have been separated to date in the more than 2,000 processing machines equipped with oil mist separators from 3nine with the help of this revolutionary technology. Otherwise, these oil mists would have leaked directly into the air or polluted the air breathed by workers in numerous factories.

Not sure what is possible?

VIB will advise you on the composition of industrial oil mist separators. You are welcome to buy them used or directly new through us. Price on request.

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